In-home and Off-premise meals and events

Our beautifully prepared and crafted meals can be dropped off, or fully done in your own home, or at an event for any amount of people, expressing your love through the Divinity in the food. Contact us to plan your menu, and choose your dates.


Custom Cooking Classes

Nature is the most profound and effective healing system. In order to tap into our own natural healing capabilities we need to continuously educate ourselves on the natural laws that surround and pervade us. 

At the root of Ayurveda is the idea of Divine Consciousness and the 5 elements that It changes into, manifesting as the physical and metaphysical Universe, and eventually into food. Ayurveda was developed based on this idea that food is Consciousness. Each morsel eaten is an incarnation of the Divine. For More Info on Ayurveda

Your cooking class will consist of a short talk on Indian/Ayurvedic cuisine to start, an instructional demo, a Seasonal well balanced meal recipe packet, and a delicious meal for you and your guests!


Seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanses, Re-sets, & Detoxes

Enjoy this opportunity to purify and fortify bodies and minds in order to strengthen resistance and relieve stress. If we don't pause and mindfully adapt to the environmental changes, and fluctuating seasons around us, Nature forces us to (in the form of illness, depression or seasonal affective disorder).

During this 5 to 7 day cleanse, we recommit to healthful living.  This is not just what we eat, or when.  In fact, the food (while delicious and nourishing) plays a small role in this week of structured healthful living.  Just like all Vedic practices, the cleanse works on each level of our existence - from gross (the physical body) to subtle (the energetic body, mental/emotional body and all the way to the Divine within us).  This is mindful living in practice from the moment we open our eyes in the morning until we retire in the evening.


Tapovana Market

All of your favorite items prepared, packaged and ready for you to take away. Make your own full meal at home!

We have chosen our most popular curries, chutneys, specialty whole grain dishes and drinks, and packed them for you in convenient ways to be easily enjoyed at any time with minimal effort. Items may change based on season, and popularity.