Inspired by time spent at the Ramanaashram in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India, we are the Hamptons one and only non-profit café.

Feeding our Local Families with the Bridgehampton Lions Club

Service to others is our main purpose at Tapovana.

Not everyone has their mind on spiritual evolution, but everyone eats! food, especially good food, is the way to one’s heart, and eventually mind, and soul. Food is love, and love is the ultimate in nourishing all three aspects of our being. For hundreds of generations families and communities have been gathering together, and celebrating over the sacrament of food.

Lunch box currently donates 300 plus fresh meals per month. We need your help to continue, as well as meet the requests for more offerings to other organizations and communities. Our main goal in sharing these meals is for the health and happiness of the collective. That we all evolve together. The vedic “seers” of the ancient past understood that, although the ultimate goal is to reconnect to our true state of divine consciousness, our purpose in this life is to serve each other. Selfless acts that yield a positive outcome take effort, and this disciplined effort not only strengthens us, but purifies us as it serves others. This is known as karma yoga, and it’s the foundation to long term health, happiness and eventually our own personal experience of the divine.

The body is a link between heaven and earth, and through proper food it can be strong and clear enough to experience this connection. We aim to keep this possibility open to anyone who wishes to experience it, even if they can’t afford it, or aren’t aware of the benefits.

True health and happiness is when everyone around you is abundantly prospering together.

Support through good "action" and strengthen your spiritual foundation.

“T.L.C Lunches” - Tapovana, Lions Club, Community Lunches

Tapovana Lunch Box, with the help of the Bridgehampton Lions Club, and the Bridgehampton Community House donates hundreds of these fresh, healthy, delicious meals a month to our local food pantries, feeding thousands of our community members. Join us in the spirit of giving, to help support and grow this amazing offering, and our community as a whole.