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Beyond Health Food

At Lunch Box the food we create is intended to nourish mind, body and consciousness. We believe that the ultimate in overall health is when all three aspects of our being are in balance, closest to our natural state of unity.

Menu of the Week

Here is a preview of the inspired menu we created for the week. We aim to keep it as fresh, seasonal and original as possible, so all items are subject to change based on availability.


May 27-June 1


Green Bean, Carrot & Coconut Sauté, Tangy Sambar with Tamarind, **Coconut Rice with Cashew, Date Chutney & *Raita


Homestyle Dosa, Mixed Vegetable Sambar, **Masala Asparagus & Bliss Potato with Cashew, Coconut Chutney, Tomato Mint Chutney


South Indian Aloo Gobi with Chickpeas, House Special Yellow Dal, Choice of Brown Basmati or Whole Wheat Chapati


Crisp Chayote Squash Coconut Curry, Easy Mashed Mung Dal, **Whole Grain & Toasted Almond Pilaf, Date Chutney with *Raita


Cabbage and Green Pea Coconut Curry, Creamy Cumin Dal with Pumpkin, **Lime Rice, Mango Chutney


*Contains Dairy

**Contains Nuts

***Contains Wheat