Tapovana’s philosophy of health and wellbeing are based on Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda and Meditation. These offerings are the culmination of thoughts and ideas, put into practice, that come from the Vedas, the oldest literary text known to man. It is our mission to bring this eternal wisdom to the mainstream. To create a multi-sensory healing environment based on the ancient Indian principles of self-realization. We are a non-profit, community sanctuary for physical, mental and spiritual advancement. We are committed to serving (through education, nutrition and wellness practices) the local and visiting communities. We work to provide services and inspiration to anyone interested in a better, more peaceful quality of life through the application of ancient Vedic wisdom, to modern living.

AYURVEDA for physical health and longevity

VEDANTA for wisdom and understanding

YOGA for peace of mind and spiritual growth

MEDITATION  for lasting health and happiness

New Year's Winter Cleanse 2022
January 24-29


​Artisanal South Indian Cuisine, and other specialties based on Ayurvedic principals of vibrant health and longevity. Single handedly, sincerely and mindfully prepared using only the finest, health-conscious ingredients.
One of our main beliefs is that natural food is an incarnation of the Divine. Through the proper preparation of food and service to others, this nourishment is transformed back into consciousness. One individual at a time our community is uplifted. One community at a time, our world is uplifted.​

​​​Ancient Vedic Wisdom​ 

for Health and Happiness  in a Modern World