5 Day Holiday Re Set December 5-9, 2022

  • December 5-9, 2022

    Beginning with lunch together Monday, December 5th at 12:30pm, followed by an info session for all participants. After the first day, alternate pick up requests can be made, but in person lunches together are strongly encouraged to support the cleansing process.

    There is no better time to do a cleanse, a detox, a re-set, than the time around the Holidays! Digestion can become sluggish, leading to stress and fatigue, rather than joy during the festive season. 

    The Fall cleanse marks our own personal observance of how we have the power, and the wisdom to make helpful choices and still enjoy.

    The focus of the Fall Cleanse is to re-balance AGNI and SOMA, our sun and moon energies.

    In Summer, the powerful rays of the sun evaporate the moisture of the earth and in the human physiology. This AGNI (fire element) can burn up our SOMA (cooling energy) and create excess heat circulating throughout the body commonly causing rashes, itchiness, inflammation, anger, anxiety, irritation and dizziness, among other more serious issues that may start to arise as the climate turns to cold, windy and dry.

    I look forward to celebrating this beautiful time of year together!