Tending the Sacred Fire

Agni is the lord of fire and transformation throughout the universe. He is not only the center of our solar system but represented in each one of us as the power of digestion, nutrient assimilation, thought processing and emotional cleansing. When all six tastes that the tongue can perceive are present in each meal, and in each bite this fire is tended properly and burns evenly. At this point we are bright beings of perfect health, filled with wisdom and compassion, and gifted with long lives through the strength of the immune system.

When agni is low, food is undigested, creating ama in the body, toxins and blockages. See the intro to Ayurveda below to learn how food is turned into consciousness, rather than ama. The five elements of the physical and metaphysical universe, and how they manifest from consciousness into infinite combinations of life and matter is the heart of Ayurveda and the Samkhya philosophy of creation, based on ancient Vedic wisdom.

The five elements also form the key ingredients and healing tastes that go into the food we create, which turns into us.

Diagram 1: Samkhya Diagram

This is a conceptual illustration of the entire Universe, continuously originating from and returning back to the Creative Light of Consciousness. Everything in existence  moves from it’s most subtle state of One pointed balance down to a much grosser, darker state of imbalance. The process is infinite, and all encompassing. Everything is contained in everything else and constantly exchanging. Notice the sacred pyramid shape created as we ascend upward from MAN to Light of Creation. Vedic practices, such as Ayurveda accelerate this process.

Diagram 2: Body Diagram

This illustration shows how imbalanced man has de-evolved from balanced Consciousness at the top of the pyramid, by sliding down and being stuck in the dense realm of physicality at the wide bottom of the pyramid. The Rishis of the past observed this happening over time during their deep states of clarity. As a result, they discovered, and gifted us Vedic practices, such as yoga, ayurveda and meditation as ways to redirect that energy back up toward the crown chakra, the gateway to and from Consciousness.

This is the path of Self Realization.

Diagram 3: Chakras Diagram

This final illustration shows that we are beings of both Light and matter. We exist in both realms at the same time. When we are clear and our central fire burning evenly, all systems, physical and energetic, are balanced and we enjoy our connection to the physical world of thought and sensuality, without the disturbances of desire and attachment. We fully enjoy being Conscious observers to all of life’s offerings, remaining present and open to each new experience.

Prakriti: Our Individual Nature

The idea that everyone has a unique dosha, or imperfect mind/ body type, is central to ayurveda. The main goal is to understand our own tendencies and imbalances from birth and correct them over a lifetime through diet and lifestyle. Self-education is of utmost importance to good health!

Everything in existence is made up of different ratios of the 5 basic elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth.

There are infinite, but unique combinations of these elements and their qualities that make up the dosha of each individual...vata, pitta and kapha

These “imbalances” have their roots in balanced movement, transformation and stability, the source qualities of body and mind.

Balancing AGNI

...through food and taste is the key to Ayurveda, and the path toward health, happiness and longevity.


Balanced sacred fire, is the ultimate goal. This perfectly balanced, ideal digestive and transformative energy leads to Ojas, an impervious immune system and long life of clarity, compassion, wisdom, and love of all things, all the time.

Ayurveda is a holistic science that offers a system, lifestyle, and practice to achieve this goal. 

However, it is much more effective if we keep in mind and apply all other vedic modalities, such as yoga, vedanta and meditation, for lasting overall health. the more wisdom and truth we can incorporate, the more efficiently we can discover and experience our true nature of peace and bliss.

Ayurveda for physical health and longevity

Vedanta for wisdom and understanding

Yoga for peace of mind and spiritual growth

Meditation  for lasting health and happiness