Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse March 27-April 1st, 2023

  • MARCH 27-APRIL 1st, 2023

    There is no better time to do a cleanse, a detox, a re-set, than the time near the Spring Equinox. It's no wonder that some of our Holiest Holidays occur during the same time period.

    Scientifically speaking, after the Sun passes directly overhead at the exact moment of the "Equinox", the Earth begins it's tilt toward the sun for a period. We've all seen plants, animal, humans and all forms of life thrive when getting more sunlight. It's the time of year for renewal and growth. The time of year to celebrate our own personal revival. Can't you feel the sun getting stronger? Aren't you itching to get outdoors? Eat fresher foods, now that winter is over?

    In the Jewish tradition, Passover is a week long celebration to commemorate a "new beginning" for the enslaved Jewish people in Egypt. Although a long hard road, it was the start of their new lives of freedom.

    In Christianity, it was not only the celebration of Jesus's return to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, but turned out to be the impetus for a brand "new" religion based on his resurrection (renewal) after the crucifixion.

    The Spring cleanse marks our own personal observance of how we have the power, and the wisdom to make this transition as smooth as the birds migration back north, and as sweet as the sunlight triggering them to sing again.

    I look forward to celebrating this beautiful time of year together!