Yoga Class Prices

Single Classes


Restaurant Employee

High School Students 

Discounted Class Packs

5 Classes (expires in 3months) 

10 Classes (expires in 3months)

10 Classes (expires in 6months)

20 Classes (expires in 6months)

50 Classes (expires in 12months)

Unlimited Classes

Summer Unlimited

(buy 3 months, begins on first visit)

1 month Unlimited

6 Months with Auto-Renew

1 Year Unlimited

In Home Private Lessons                   $180/hr

($40 surcharge outside 5 mile radius)

At Tapovana Private Lessons            $150/hr

 Ashtanga Healing Center of the Hamptons

with classes in Classical Yoga, Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, Philosophy & Ayurveda

*Tapovana and it's employees reserve the right to refuse service to ANYONE at ANYTIME, without refund or exchange.