South Indian Cafe

Saturday Evening Dinners  with  FREE Delivery.

 ($10 delivery fee outside 10 miles) Text Reservations to (631) 678-3905

 South Indian favorites, and other specialities. Single handedly, sincerely and mindfully prepared using only the finest, health-conscious ingredients.


$45 per person, 2 person minimum

Saturday, May 30th

A Traditional South Indian Feast

Potato Vada

Spiced golden croquets with coconut chutney.

Homemade Dosa

A power-packed lentil and rice crepe.

Roasted Eggplant Chutney

With cilantro & green chili.

Mixed Masala Vegetables

With toasted cashews & garden  peas.


Mung beans, rice, coconut, cashews and raisins.

Spicy, Tangy Sambar

A traditional lentil and vegetable stew with homemade spice blend.

Mixed Fruit Rasayana

Refreshing mood booster, with coconut & cardamom.

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